·        Maximize movements, actions, and exercises, minimize explanations.

·        Watch for frostbite.  Have students watch each other.

·        Stop in sheltered locations – avoid the wind.

·        If the students require warming, take the entire class in the chalet for a pre-determined amount of time. Go in as a group, warm up as a group, and return to the slopes as a group.  The instructor must remain with their group for the entire duration of the lesson.

·        Extra dedication and enthusiasm are required on behalf of the instructor – a lesson can always be a success, even in cold weather, as long as the instructor keeps the class “active” and “motivated”.

·        Avoid having the class wait at “critically cold” locations (i.e. exactly at the top of the highest peak)

·        We have extra gear (face protectors, proper mitts, etc.) if you think that one of your students is inadequately dressed.

·        Some students have hand warmers in their pockets (or on the bus) that are sent by parents but never get used.  Help students open the packages if necessary.

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