Week 5

Change of venue, we will be going to Mont Blanc. New snow since last week and the mountain should be completely open.

We will be conducting evaluations for all skiers.  The location for the green ski-off will be on the Suisse and the blue ski-off will be on the Lynx. Find your time in the table below.

It is very important to arrive on time and to set up your class properly for the ski-off.

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early
  2. Line up your class in the same order as your class card (alphabetically by last name)
  3. Explain to the class what you want them to do; We want to see controlled turns and the kids will ski 3 turns past the evaluators.
  4. Have them watch the group before you so that they get an idea of what is expected
  5. You as the instructor will show a demo of what you want your kids to do and you will stop at the supervisors. Your kids should continue 3 turns further down. Please bring a pencil so that you can mark down the levels on your class cards.
  6. We will call the kids down one at a time so remind the kids to look for the wave of the pole. Often we will call the kids down 2 at a time so they should be ready to go as soon as the person in front of them has gone.

If you arrive at the evaluation area and there is a big line, please do not leave, it takes less than 5 minutes to evaluate a class when they are organized. If you are going to be late, please send Brahm a text or call.

The groups where the kids are still following in a snake behind you will simply ski by the supervisors but will not need to stop and wait.

It’s a good idea to know what ability each level requires. You can view an abridged version here. We will be going over each level in the clinic.

Report cards will be handed out this week.  You must have them completed BEFORE the next weekend.  Make sure that you have something positive to say about each student in your group.  Do not make a big deal of the eval, we will be sending them out in the mail after the season has finished. Take your time to write nicely and clearly (this way you only have to write them once). You will only be completing one side of the report card, instructions will be in the report card package.

1Ski byGreen
2Ski byGreen

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