Week 6

We are heading back to Mont Blanc, the forecast looks fantastic! We are in the home stretch!  Keep up the enthusiasm, your goal is to make sure the kids have a great time!  This is the day the kids will remember for the rest of the summer.  We have had an excellent season so far!  The students have enjoyed their lessons and we have seen lots of excellent teaching taking place. 

On the last day, it is important to summarize to your students all that they have accomplished.  Let them know what they have been working on and what improvements they have made.  Your final lesson plan should not introduce anything new. You should review what you have taught over the season. Since you have been consistently submitting your lesson plans, you should have a copy of what you worked on each week 😉

Do not talk about report cards or levels. They will receive their report cards by mail from the office in a few weeks.

The goal for the last day is for your students to go away happy and confident.  Don’t introduce new challenges or more difficult terrain.

Choice of terrain: Ski/ride on appropriate terrain and at the speed of your class.  Stop or slow down at intersections to avoid losing students making sure that all of your students are behind you.  FAST ON FLAT is better than slow on steep.

Reduce the speed of your group as you approach the class signs or the chairlift.

Glades: Kids like to ski in the glade at the top of Panda.  Instructors should be in the glade with them and stop in the middle to make sure that the speed is appropriate for everybody in the class.  There are 3 or 4 exit points from the glade of which 1 or 2 are big dips with a guaranteed crash zone.  Choose the exit that is appropriate (safe) for the level of your group.

Après-ski partyAprès-ski party:  BYOB and snacks. Meet in the Faustin chalet after skiing and riding for Instructor Awards..

If you are planning to teach in 2024…

·       Keep your jacket. There are no fees to pay for your jacket in 2024 and beyond 🙂

·        If your plans change and you are unable to teach you must return your jacket by October 25, 2023 or pay the balance owing $70 (if you have taught in 2022 & 2023) or $140 (if you have only taught in 2023).

If you are not planning to teach in 2024…

·        Return your jacket after teaching on week # 6.

·        If you wish to keep the jacket you must pay the balance owing $70 (if you have taught in 2022 & 2023) or $140 (if you have only taught in 2023).

If you are unsure of your plans for 2024…

·        You can keep your jacket at home.

·        Return it by October 25, 2023.

·        Pay the balance owing $70 (if you have taught in 2022 & 2023) or $140 (if you have only taught in 2023).

Let’s finish strong so that everybody goes away with good memories.  Think safety & fun!

On week 6 we will collect:

1.      Report cards.  Final cheques are mailed out only after we have received 100% of the report cards for the section.

2.      Internal evaluation forms.  These forms are used to place students in the proper classes next year.  . Type of terrain each person likes best (green, blue or black). Aggressive or cautious, behavior issues and notes…

Report card writing contest:  There will be prizes (lift tickets for et. al.) for the best written reports cards in the following categories…

·        Best penmanship
·        Originality
·        Sense of humour (used in an appropriate manner)

Report cards must be submitted BEFORE clinic. If you have any questions or need help filling out your report cards, please contact me ASAP.  Do not wait until Friday night.

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