Staff Expense Allowance - 2023/2024

Rod Roy instructors are paid a daily expense allowance for each teaching day. Lift tickets are provided.

4 hours of instruction per day plus attendance at morning clinics plus paperwork such as attendance and report cards 
ExperienceDaily Expense AllowanceContinuity Bonus* (After Week 6)
Assistant Instructor$ 50$ 75
No Experience$ 80$ 75
1 Year Experience$ 85$ 75
2 Years Experience$ 90$ 75
3 Years Experience$ 95$ 75
CSIA – CASI Level II$ 100$ 75
CSIA – CASI Level III$ 105$ 75

*Continuity bonus

Zero absences = $75
One absence = $25
Two absences = $0

An instructor teaching both Saturdays and Sundays will receive a combined bonus of $175 if there are no absences.

Driver Bonus: if you drive at least one other instructor, you will receive an extra $10 per day (for Laurentide and RR-Max programs). Note that this bonus is not intended to completely cover fuel costs – the car pool passengers are still expected to contribute.

Weekly deductions ranging from $4 to $20 will be assessed for the following; lateness (clinics, line-up, meetings, etc…), not teaching a full lesson and for improper completion of reports.


1.      Experience is based on ski or snowboard teaching post Quebec high school.

2.      Instructors coming from other schools require at least 1 reference from the previous school.

3.      Transportation on the buses is not permitted so that the instructors can be available for morning clinics.

4.      Instructors are paid an “expense allowance” and therefore no deductions are taken off at source.  As a result instructors are not eligible for EI benefits.

Instructors using their own season pass will receive an additional $25 per day when teaching for Rod Roy at Morin Heights, Olympia, Mont Avila, and Saint-Sauveur.  Additional $35 per day when teaching at Tremblant.