Rod Roy Skier Levels

While we feel the Achievement Level concept is invaluable, do not over-emphasize the importance of the evaluation. Instead, emphasize to your students that improving their skills is the ultimate goal – and that the achievement levels are simply a “benchmark” to highlight the progress of their skills.

Rod Roy Colour / Internal CodeCSIA Development LevelAbilityEvaluation Terrain
  Red / 51  Exploration 1 Bronze  Executes linked rhythmical snowplow turns  Green
  Green / 52  Exploration 2 Silver  Executes part of the turn with skis in parallel position  Green
  Orange / 53  Exploration 3 Gold  Executes basic parallel turns (no wedge)  Green
  Blue / 54  Adventure 1 Bronze  Executes basic parallel turns (no wedge)  Blue
  Black / 55  Adventure 2 Silver  Executes rhythmical & linked parallel turns  Blue
  Purple / 56  Adventure 3 Gold  Executes linked performance parallel turns  Blue
  Bronze / 57  Performance 1 Bronze  Executes linked performance turns while adapting to varying terrain  Blue
  Silver / 58  Performance 2 Silver  Executes rhythmical and linked dynamic turns  Black
  Gold / 59  Performance 3 Gold  Executes linked dynamic turns while adapting to varying terrain  Black