Saturday - Week 6 - Mont Blanc

Laurentide Saturday


  1. Introduction
  2. Report cards
  3. Ski By Evaluations
  4. Class management
  5. Bathroom Stops
  6. Choice of terrain
  7. Lesson Plans
  8. Après-ski/Instructor Awards


1. Mont Blanc!

Hi Everyone,

This is our final day!  We want to send the kids home with a smile on their faces and great memories.  Consolidate what you have been teaching them over the season and make sure that everyone has something personal to work on.

This week we are going to Mont Blanc.  Mont Blanc has three sides (1. Versant Mont Blanc aka the "Hotel" side, 2. Versant Faustin and 3. Versant Nord), we are meeting on the Faustin side or the Zone Adrenaline, so please look at the map and make sure that you are going to the correct chalet. Allow extra driving time - Mont Blanc is farther away!

Clinic starts at 8:25 outside. Double-check the staff FB page Saturday night for updates or better yet sign up for the staff text updates. Pack your bags the night before so you don’t forget your helmet…gloves…pants…etc

2. Report Cards

All report cards need to be handed in before clinic.  If you are missing a card for a student, we will have extras available in the morning for you to fill out.  If you have a card for a student that does not belong in your class, bring that card to Brahm in the morning and we will get it to the correct instructor.

3. Evaluations

If you have students that missed the evaluations last week, we will have a shortened version on the Suisse (green) and the Lynx (blue).  We will assign the times during clinic.

4. Class management

I stay at the class signs after each lesson and after the start of each lesson (AM & PM).  Please check the absence lists before 10am.  The classes start at 10am sharp.  If you are missing kids, you are to do a run and come back to the class signs.  Once you have dropped off your pinnie kids with their bus monitor, you are free to go (unless we have a meeting).  Kim and I will deal with the kids until the parents arrive.

You must end your lessons on time.  You will have a +/- 5-minute window to show up at the class signs.  IF you are early, stop midway up the run and review what you did and make sure that everyone knows what they are working on.  If you will be more than 5 minutes late, I need to know, call me 514-975-7373.  We will go over some tips during the clinic to help you out.

5. Bathroom stops

Due to the tiny washrooms in the Faustin chalet, every class must make a pitstop at the Hotel chalet to use the washroom halfway through the morning and afternoon lesson. For the higher level groups, you can also pitstop at the North side.  

6. Choice of terrain

The easiest run down the Faustin side is Panda.  The easiest run down the Hotel side is Yodel.  Both Panda and Yodel have steep pitches that can be avoided with a bypass.  

Reduce the speed of your group as you approach the class signs or the chairlift.

Ski on appropriate terrain and at the speed of your class.  Stop or slow down at intersections to avoid losing students, making sure that all of your class is behind you.  

7. Lesson Plans

You all now know what level your kids are skiing/riding.  It will be easier for you on the slopes if you already have a few ideas rather than trying to make it up on the spot.  The kids know when you are lost and they will lose interest.  Build an exciting lesson and your kids will return with the same enthusiasm. All instructors must submit a lesson plan prior to their lesson.  The lesson plans must be submitted online: WEEKLY SKI LESSON PLAN.  You can complete it on your computer, tablet or phone and at any time.  Once it is submitted, you will receive a copy by email.

Please submit your lesson plan.

8. Après-ski & Instructor Awards

At 3:45pm there will be refreshments and snacks provided in the Faustin chalet. We will wrap up the season with a meeting and award ceremony. We have prizes to give away :)